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Our promise to you

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There’s been a tremendous change in how we see and treat our environment. A few years back you would have been labelled radical if you were concerned about conservation – today you would be radical if you weren’t!

As a nation, we’ve been introduced to the benefits of insulating our homes – more comfort, reduced energy bills, lower carbon usage, and grants available to help pay for it.

In addition, the Government is currently trailing smart meters in 23,000 households – these will allow consumers to track their energy consumption in real time which will no doubt encourage greater energy efficiency, and more savings.

And then there’s the opportunity to switch your energy supplier and save even more!

Our point is this; there are many energy options available and the Home Energy Saver website has been set up to explain, inform, and advise on all the energy issues relating to your environment and your home.

We have detailed knowledge of the government grant systems, and we also have trusted partners in the supplier industries (such as insulation or solar panels) so all you have to do is spend a few minutes entering your details onto the online enquiry form and we will do the rest.

You might be surprised by how much you could save. What’s more, we are committed to helping you find the energy solution that’s best for you.

The HES Network
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Each of the chosen partners in the Home Energy Saver Network (HES) have considerable experience and understanding in their specialist area, and are all committed to the highest standards in the work they undertake for you, the customer.

They are, of course, members of the relevant Trade Associations and Guarantee Schemes, such as:

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)

home energy saverThe Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency provides independent 25-year guarantees for Cavity Wall Insulation fitted by registered installers in the UK and Channel islands.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency was established in consultation with the Government's Energy, Environment and Waste Directorate (a division of DETR) to provide householders with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering defects in materials and workmanship.

The British Board of Agrément

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The BBA is the UK's major approval body for new construction products and installers. Our Agrément Certificates are recognised by specifiers and other industry decision-makers as proof that the products covered by them have been rigorously assessed, will allow compliance with Building Regulations to be achieved and will last for a defined period.

The BBA also offers Quality Management Systems Certification to the ISO 9000 series and product testing to British, European or international standards, as well as trade and industry specifications.