Home Information Packs

What's in a HIP?

Home Information Packs or HIPs are a collection of documents relating to the property that the homeowner must produce before the property can be placed on the market in England and Wales (not Scotland). The packs are given free to prospective purchasers and are intended to help the purchasing process run quickly and smoothly.

They can also help the seller. Because some of the essential information about the property is contained in the pack, such as ownership title, and local searches, the chance of negative facts being revealed later in the selling process is greatly reduced.

The homeowner can compile his/her own pack but it’s more common to use an estate agent, solicitor, or specialist HIP provider There would be a charge involved but they all have the knowledge and expertise to produce a professional pack.

These Home Information Packs became compulsory for properties with four or more bedrooms from 1st August, 2007 and for three bedroom properties from 10th September, 2007. The Home Information Packs consist of both mandatory and optional documents.

Compulsory documents

The Home Information Packs should include no marketing material, but contain only the specified documents required for the property for sale:

Home Information Packs Freehold Properties:

1. Compulsory docu1. Home Information Pack Index
2. Property Information Questionnaire or PIQ (introduced 6th April 2009)
3. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) for new properties sold ‘off plan’
4. Sustainability information for newly constructed homes
5. Sale statement
6. Evidence of title
7. Standard local authority searches

The Home Information Packs also may include following optional documents:

1. Home Condition Report
2. Legal summary
3. Home contents form
4. Other documents such as non-standard searches and any guarantees and warrantees may be included

Home Information Packs for Leasehold or commonhold properties are as the above but must include a copy of the lease. The following documents are optional :

2. Building insurance policy
3. Contact details of the lessor and management agents
4. Regulations applicable to the property
5. Recent service charge accounts and receipts

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