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Guide To Buying Recycled Products, Reuse Materials & Minimizing Waste

Recycled products are the most creative initiatives to reduce and reuse thrown away materials. Thrown away products are mostly either buried or get burned. If buried, these items release pollutants while these waste materials getting burnt emit carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere and pile up resources of chronic waste. Do you know, such chronic waste materials are amassing in an alarming pace, which is proven through

But recycling in the home is easy when you know how! Some suggestions are printed here but for more visit the recycle-more web site ( where there are loads of ideas for managing waste. You could be reducing the rubbish in your bin by over 50%!

Average each of us disposes of waste materials that are equivalent to our body weight about every 60 days

Thrown away rubbish materials are being accumulated so fast so that the Albert Hall in every two hours.

Recycled products are being collected to create cheap, reusable products to minimise waste materials. Items made from recycled products range from gift items to school uniforms, bin bags, shopping bags, tin foil, bowls, glass jugs, champagne flutes, wine glasses, water glasses toilet rolls, tissues, kitchen rolls, stationery materials, packing materials, paper for printers, writing paper and copier.

Recycle products are being manufactured from using reusable materials such as food containers, plastic bottles etc. By purchasing these products you are contributing to the noble cause of minimising the piling up of wastes.

If you are not sure whether they are recycle products or not, look for a symbol or label to show products comprising reusable materials. Look for the following symbols and labels

1. The Mobius Loop symbol, with the percentage mentioned within the loop, shows the product contains recycling material in that percentage.

2. The NAPM or National Association of Paper Merchants Recycled Mark is obvious in paper and board types of recycle products and the label reveals that product is containing 50% recyclable fibre.

Another fascinating fact about recycle products is facility to build a house using various types of recycle materials.

Recycle products being used in building blocks

1. Tyres packed and arranged on top of each other like bricks are utilised as inside walls.

2. Tyres covered with plaster form good insulation recycle products that take in heat and are also good alternatives to use of timber in building houses.

3. Cellulose insulation material created from recycled newsprints provides good insulation for buildings.

4. Recycled steel materials are used for many frameworks and creating roofs.
5. PET bottles of plastic when recycled are used to make carpet material.

6. Carpet pads can be made from reused textiles.

7. Recycled wood is also used for interior of the house in the form of worktops, drawers and cabinets.

8. Reclaimed paints also make good recycled products for building in decorating buildings.