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Geothermal Energy Explained

Geothermal energy is a powerful source of eco-friendly, renewable energy that is obtainable from the ground, right under our feet. Geothermal derives from Greek origins, ‘geo’ meaning ‘earth’ and ‘therme’ meaning ‘heat’. Geothermal energy functions by exploiting thermal energy that is stored within layers of earth. Typically, this type of renewable energy, or ground source heat, is extracted from the ground at a shallow depth at a low temperature ranging from 10 to 20 degree Celsius.

Geothermal Energy The temperature of the heat stored underground remains more or less constant throughout the year, and then the heat is drawn out from the ground or from ground water using heat pumps. Heat pumps can also increase temperature by up to 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

How Do These Heat Pumps Function?

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, in generating up to five times the heat energy for every unit of electrical energy needed. Besides heating, heat pumps are functional in cooling too, and are effective in supplying energy to both domestic and commercial premises..

Geothermal energy systems utilize heat absorbed by the earth and conserved under its crust. Depending on the geographical location, the earth will trap heat from solar energy and it remains at a constant temperature of between 50 to 70 degrees Celsius. Geothermal energy systems exploit this heat to exchange heat between the earth and home.

Benefits Of Geothermal Energy

Following benefits of geothermal energy –

Reduce your carbon dioxide emissions: Geothermal energy helps save about 1.8 tonnes of CO2 in a year, and is much more eco-friendly than burning oil to produce energy.

Reduce fuel bills: Although geothermal energy heat pumps are operated by electricity, you will save by a reduction in the consumption of other fuels used for heating the home.

Helps reduce electricity waste: By replacing electric heaters with a ground source heat pump, you can prevent wastage and make your home more energy efficient and highly efficient way to create a comfortable climate in your home.

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