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Compare the UK's electricity suppliers

Do you think you could be paying too much for your electricity?
There are specialist companies today who can help you get the best tariff for your electricity needs. One such company is It provides an easy to use online service that compares more than 10,000 tariffs from all licensed electricity suppliers to find you the best deal.

How much does it cost to switch supplier?

The service is free. is paid a small commission by the supplier. It is not an energy supplier itself, but acts as an independent advisor, giving consumers an impartial view of what's on offer. updates it’s calculators just as soon as the electricity companies publish any change in their tariffs. These calculators compare a number of factors such as price, service, location and payment method, and will then advise on the supplier best suited to your needs. If you choose to, you can then switch to the alternative supplier online and could save yourself up to £350 a year.

Dual plans and tariffs

Some energy providers offer special dual fuel plans, offering incentives and reduced prices for combined electricity and gas services. Another example is Economy 7 which is an electricity tariff with different pricing structures according to the time of day. will act as an independent advisor and give consumers an impartial view of what's on offer.

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